Academic Model

Our Instructional Design



Our curriculum teaches students the mindsets essential for thriving in today's interconnected world.


Problem Solving

 Students use the Harkness Method, a discussion-based model designed by one of the most prestigious private schools in the country, to solve complex problems and examine rigorous content collaboratively.

8th Grade

Our students learn in a single grade classroom where all students are exposed to rigorous content that is on and above their grade level.

Our Global Focus

We aim to help students meet international standards for

global competence through a three-part curricular model.


Global Identity

Students examine the African Diaspora in order to define their identity within it and explore the historical and cultural experiences of African descendants throughout the world.


Global Connections

Students develop knowledge of diverse cultures, political systems, and global sustainability in order to understand how social conditions across the world connect to their personal lives and experiences in the United States.


Global Expeditions

Students will participate in two virtual, long-term, collaborative projects with students living in other countries. A select group of high-performing students will be selected to travel to the Caribbean to study social conditions in the region and lead a service learning project.

Student Outcomes

Admittance to high-quality high schools that meet students’ academic and social needs

Stronger academic and social skills necessary for success in high school and beyond

A greater sense of self, global perspective, and social responsibility